Get rid of quick release?

I’m not happy with the stiffness of quick release, any mod available to remove it and just have solid mount to the wheel (I don’t need wheel change at all)? thanks!

ok I think I need this one

It only took you 1 hour to answer your own question. Congratulations!

lol, other people helped me on FB group

Maybe this is helpful:

yeah when I tightening those 2 screws the backlash almost gone. But I don’t want to keep such unreliable solution since I don’t need to change a wheel - so don’t need a QR

SC QR should be really solid if all the screws are properly tightened. When I got my base and a wheel, I didn’t tighten the screws well enough and got “clonks” when driving. After (really) tightening the screws between the wheel and the QR I have had no issues in 1½ years.

it very depends how hard the wheel is using. I drive F3 and over curbs it is hard FFB impact to the QR

If the screws are loose, it doesn’t matter how solid the bond between the sides of the QR is. The wedge by design is almost too tight, so there no play there. I think the lack of “stiffness” comes form somewhere else than the actual QR.

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