Gears no longer work

Gears no longer work at all on rFactor2,only with my SHH shifter.
Do you have a solution?
Thank you (translated from french with Deepl)

Gears? What kind of shifter do you have and how is it connected to Simucube 2?

I have a SHH shifter (usb) and two wheels Ascher with shift paddles.

Is that a USB or wireless wheel?

Il s’agit d’une roue sans fil.
Et ce sont seulement les palettes de changement de changement de vitesses qui ne fonctionnent pas !

Is it just the shifters, or all other buttons as well? Is the wheel still connected to the wheel base wirelessly? How is the signal strength? Does True Drive still show the paddle shifter inputs or not?

This is just the shifter !

Are the shifter inputs visible in True Drive?

Shifter inputs are not visible in True Drive !

I have read that this can happen when battery low. Have you tried changing battery?

My battery is fully loaded.

so are any other games affected? and is the wheel still connected wirelessly to the Simucube 2 or not?

I only play rFactor2 and the wheel is still connected wirelessly to the Simcube2

Now what do I have to do to keep playing?

Is the wheel still connected to Simucube 2 and visible in True Drive? Do any other buttons work on the wheel?