Future of Argon based Open Sim Wheels...?

Hello everybody…

It´s been only one year ago when I bought the necessary pieces to mount my OSW. Those days Simucube was just starting, so I decided to mount an Argon servo drive (much more expensive and, as far as I know, much more stable than the Simucube one). Now, I´m very surprised seeing that Simucube based OSW are experiencing some updates that aren´t released for Argon ones. That makes me wonder what can users of Argon servo based OSW expect in the future. Will we be using only Mmos forever? Will be Mmos updated one day? Will we be condemned not to update our machine?

Thanks in advance, and greetings from Spain…!!!

To our knowledge, the guy who made MMOS is not going to update it anymore, so its end-of-the line there.

Argon’s CPU does not have as advanced filtering and processing possibilities as IONI has, so advanced filter development on the drive is not as feasible there.

Our own firmware is only for SimuCUBE-based builds.