Fue houers before my SC 2 pro is here:)

First question any tips that is easy to miss for setting it up?

Anyone know if its possible to use Fanatec base as a pedal hub. Til my adapter arrives. (If i bind the new wheel will the Fanatec ffb hit or be turned of?) I realize this isent the right place to ask abut Fanatec, But feels strange asking on there forum abut it:P (Been costumer there for years and years)

Settings are subjective but any post’s with different sims baseline setups? (found a fue, But witch one seem good)

And hello Granite Device forum users o/, Hope to be apart of this for years to come. Clearly this is the top of the line sim-racers ! So i already feel home:)

My go to sims are Rfactor2 and Iracing. Max S.R. low irating atm but starting to working on it now.

If i could live on Nordschleife…