Frustrated and Struggling Sim Racer Wannabe

I have an SC2 Pro, SRB GT3 Wheel and similar level PC, pedals and and SQ shifter. I’ve been trying for the last 3 weeks to drive in iracing. I’m frustrated.ive been training with the Global Miata. I’ve messed up the setting in True Drive and Iracing to the extent that I can nearly control the car. I’ve been using both the simple mode and mostly the Advanced Mode. The force feedback doesn’t feel even close to any car I’ve driven. The Miata bounces around on the chassis like no car I’ve ever experienced. I’ve only run the car in the test mode at Limerock. I don’t dare get on the track with other drivers. I’d wreak them all and be banned for life. Can you provide a simple set up for the Mazda in the Iracing Rookie Cup Series? Obviously I’m as ignorant as they come regarding computers. Keep it simple please. Remember you may literally and figuratively run into me on the same track you’re trying to use. It’s in your best interest I don’t get on the track until I get this sorted. A little humor helps.


and never get close even with simucube 265 or other product on the planet.
What came close is the ( transpose ) or real life to virtual and virtual to real … you have to cover the gap between . You can find very good settings ( on a virtual context of things ( but if you expect to replicate a real car… it’s simply wrong.

People have to accept that ( real things is REAL )… and accept things for what it is when ( VIRTUAL ).

In real life all feedback come from the chassis not from the steering wheel.

Sc2 ultimate owner.

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Welcome Arc,

My guess is that aside from the tyres that are somewhat weird, that it’s mostly the missing forces on your body that makes it all seem wrong.
You simply have to spend the time to get used to it, I’m afraid.
That said, the miata is rather extreme so maybe just pick the skip barber right away, probably feels less sluggish af 8)

Good luck!

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What’s your TD settings?

I’ve gone back to the Simple Mode in True Drive. In Iracing:
Options- Force Feedback = max 25Nm, wheel Force = 13Nm,
Damping = 0%, Min Force = 0.0%
Is this what you mean?

Any specific reason u use simple mod?

Its more simple and offers 95% of the adjustability required to get a decent feel, i.e. the advanced mode is not required to use at all to get one driving. Only with expertise and effort should the advanced mode be used.