From 097 to latest firmware

Hi mates. A friend of me has just upgraded from mmos to simucube.
He is now with 0.9.7 firm and 10701 Ioni.
Could he just update to lastest (0.50.4 and 10710) in one step, or he have to go through all firmwares?
Thx in advance

Nope he can not go directly to the newest firmware. You must upgrade to 11.2 first.

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Ernesto_Romero, I use the same Firmware on my SC1 Large Mige with SinCos, and I have not found anything that would make me do an update, everything works, and it feels so damn good.

When the new firmware update comes, with the “spill-over” from SC2, I might update, when it’s stable, but for now, I don’t see the point.