Forza Motorsport

Unfortunately the SC2 does not support Motorsports 7

Is there any news on if it will work with Forza Motorsport game.

Last I heard it could be released early 2021 ?

I know this is not a hard core sim, but is a great fun to play with some fiends in more relaxed circumstances and the game is going to be drop dead beautiful

I don’t have much hope :expressionless:

I have attempted to contact Turn 10 studios, so far no luck. I just made another attempt…

It will be good if SC2 can be used to drive Forza 7…wow

Really, I did not know it could not work with the Forza games. What’s up with that? Cheapo wheels and controller support but the SC2 does not work.

Turn 10 has to support it, and since FM7 is no longer being developed, I don’t think they’ll even consider giving this any support. Keep in mind even Fanatec, which is officially supported, has major issues with FM7 (check Fanatec forum for the Forza section). Turn 10 isn’t really a studio that puts a lot of investment into FFB wheels since like 95% of their customers are using a controller.

I am hoping we can get support for the new title coming early 2021 , just called Motorsport this time around
Time will tell, that Mika is trying to reach out to them is a good sign, SC2 is gaining traction as one of the go
to solutions in the direct drive market , so it only makes sense that developers would want their games to work on this hardware. I don’t pretend to know what boxes have to be checked for it to work but have to think it is in both parties interest for it to work