Forza horizon 4 with OSW and heusinkveld pro pedals

Hey guys im having a problem i think. Im using OSW and Heusinkveld pedals and want to play Forza Horizon 4 and when i press accelaerator the car doesnt go. Brake and other stuff works perfectly. After i changed Brake pedal as Acelerator in game the car goes normally but as soon as i get back normally action repeats. I press to the metal and car almost doesnt move. Do you have any clue where is the problem?

From what I know, the game (Forza 7 also) do not work well or at all with OSW wheels. I have had various results with Forza 7 where it sometimes picks up the wheel and pedals and other times not at all.

I have never been able to get the force feedback to work even when it does pick up the set.

My solution was to use GIMX and emulate a G27 wheel.
This gives me full functionality on both games with full force feedback and pedal support (HPP pedals)

Use emuwheel, it gives better FFB on fm7 with the new alpha version. They also have a guide for getting multiple inputs to work in FH4