For those that play different sims: Do you use the same True Drive profile?

I was hoping to poll the users here and see what they generally prefer.

I’m someone that plays a lot of different sims, spending only a third or so of my time in iRacing, and the other time jumping around to other sims and even in some arcadey games like the F1 series or the Dirt rally games.

I found myself really struggling with finding consistency across sims/games with the FFB and feel and the SC2, whereas on the DD2 my friend has, it seemed much easier to jump around without much tinkering.

Full disclosure we both think that SC2 is the superior hardware and is really unmatched currently in feel in the top sims, but I think there might be something to be said for people who like to do less serious things with their simrig setup.

What are your thoughts? Do you play less serious games with your SC2? Do you use the same profile across all sims/games? Do you wish the SC2 was better supported in simcade titles?

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My ratio could be 50% iRacing / 50% arcades/oldies
One profile for every Game, most important tuning parameters are TorqueBandwidth and Recon
If you change wheels, the profiles grows Up too


I wish you just had one profile for every sim/game! you unfortunately have to have a profile for each sim/game as the FFB system in each game is different and is coded differently, so you need different profiles to suit the games FFB system, while also dialing it in to your personal liking.

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It’s really interesting, just like these two responses the answers i usually get to this question are similarly split.

I’m really hoping that the online true drive feature will allow for really fast and easy testing of different profiles from the community. I really struggle to find consistency between sims and simcades.

If you are still following Race Department forum, You will have already read my comment about simcade titles.

It is not possible to enjoy simcade games in the current state of SC2 software, I dont know why but It is not capable of interpreting the vast majority of force effects sent by games.

-Constant forces are well done, but some games works with ForceEffect_Left and ForceEffect_Right as ConstantForces but SC2 doesnt work well with those commands.
-Spring Effect is muted, underscaled. In TD, DirectInputSpring slider at 200% is not enough
-Centering Spring ingame not working. In the old trusty Logitech Profiler we can control centering spring forces, and let the Game decide when to use It, It is useful in all Codemasters games, ETS series, arcade Emulators… Not available in TD and not needed by GD team because those games are not simulators.
-Desktop centering spring is, how can I say… A joke. It works until telemetry accisition resets forces and only on Desktop use, centering forces are off when any force is sent to SC2 so useless ingame.
-Direct Input Friction effect too exagerated, overscaled.

With all that faults, let me tell you that SC2 is not a Simcade steering wheel actually.
You need to rely on 3th party hardware/software to make It works, then try to find a good TrueDrive profile to make It enjoyable.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I do not know what effects these are. Certainly they are not mentioned in DirectInput specifications.

Telemetry download from the device to True Drive has not been resetting the centering force since version 2020.7.

Me neither… But you can test It with AM2 Emulator and load Sega Rally Championship (this ROM uses ConstantForce only)
Emulator.ini have the commands to control Force Effects. You can see commands like FE_LEFT, FE_RIGHT. TrueDrive reads them as ConstantForce (and GIMX too) but no way to make them works on SC2 (Left forces are the only ones working)

Then load DaytonaUSA ROM and look at force effects created, but not working. FE_CENTERINGFORCES nor FE_SPRING arent working, as some titles needs/works with CenteringSpring to simulate the car behavour.

They works as It should using SC2/GIMX as a G27. Thats my biggest concern, SC2 works like a charm using another interface and software.

I forgot to test that feature on 2021.1 beta but It is useless if only Desktop Centering Spring is working, we need centering forces ingame! And let the Game decide when/where/How to use this force, just like the old trusty Logitech Profiler

Im on that point of thinking some crazy solutions like remap all my hardware to GIMX and play as a G27, do a permanente TD profile for G27, forget about TD and play with Logitech software