Fluxeon VSD-A drives and GDTools 2.0.1

I am trying to repurpose four Granite Devices Fluxeon VSD-A drives for use with AC servos.

I would like to tune the drives with GDTools software version 2.0.1.

I have been able to connect the drive to GDTools 0.11 but it doesn’t do much. It does recognize the drive and its characteristics. However the suggested interface cable for version 0.11 won’t connect the PC to the drive using GDTools version 2.0.1. The former uses parallel port pins 2 for data in and 10 for data out. (see attached) Version 2.0.1 can use pins 10-14 for data in and 1-9 for data out. If I use the version 0.11 cable with version 2.0.1, I get the message “card not found.”

I’m using a Windows XP box with a parallel port.

The drive is powered up with a steady green LED light.

Can you suggest a way to connect Fluxeon VSD-A drives to a PC.

Thank you