Flight sim Add-on


Having had look for a flight sim controller to unsurprisingly find they are all out of stock it made me think that a flight sim add on for SC2 would be nice.

Some sort of device that sits between the wheel base and wheel that you could push in and out similar to how you would use a flight yoke. Not sure it would be possible, maybe using a load cell?

Just a thought…

For yoke, there is actual movement towards (and away from) the driver also. Cannot be done with a loadcell, or would at least need a double spring setup… :thinking:

A linear potentiometer would work well. Not sure what you’d use for the sliding mechanism though.

Since the Simucube 2 is really really good, great actually, I wish Granite Devices would make a proper FFB base for flightsticks. The one which is available (Brunner) is not well supported and there is a Chinese one on the way, but I rather have a European one, other than Brunner. :slight_smile: :wink:

Just to vent. I understand this is highly unlikely. :slight_smile: Although it could be a great new market since the release of MSFS2020 and also DCS World which gets better and better.

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