Fix Argon drive replacing and identifying the IGBT chip

I have a question regarding (Argon driver) regarding (Fault ID 120 and IGBT chip id).

My hardware configuration:
-OMRON Servomotor R88M-U40030VA-S1
-Regenerative resistor no connected, power supply 220VCA, to move X axis in gantry robot

Problems arise when:
-The software show Fault ID 120, I have followed this instructions to test the power stage (, and have determined that IGBT power stage module is damaged.

How it behaves:
-I already do not can use the driver to testing the servo motor, the Fault ID 120 always appear.

How I would expect it to behave:
-I need to fix that fault replacing the IGBT module, so to do this I need to know the specific part number of this module and where I could get it in America.
I have not opened the cover to see inside the drive, so I do not know where is this module on the pcb or maybe it is visible, either way, could you shared a photo where is and which is this module?


Hi Antolin

I replied to your support ticket about this issue.

Kind regards,