Fitting new QR plate, does motor shaft need to be totally covered?

I wanted to fit a QR directly to the motor shaft, so have removed the SC2 QR male portion and fitted one of these plates:

When I attach the Q1R wheel side connector, it leaves some small gaps around the edge that lead to the internal sliver part of the drive hub, which were previously completely covered by the SC2 QR part. (see pic).

A question for the SC2 team @Mika Do I need to cover these small holes or is it ok to leave them? I imagine a tiny bit of dust could get in there over a long period of time. Many thanks

Dust getting in that part will not cause the dust to have access to any further internal workings of the unit, so it should be good even for long term use.

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Hi Mika, That is very reassuring to know, thank you. I am very happy with my SC2 Pro and did not want to do fit something that might cause it problems in the long term. I also read the posts on extensions and have kept the wheel part of the attachments ‘short (ie no longer than with SC2 QR)’ to minimise lateral stresses on the motor shaft.