First Steps and Settings request

Dear to all, finaly i own a Simcube 2 Pro v2 and try to get everthing under controll.

Usage are in Iracing and i been following some tutorial. For now i have following question.

If i don’t enable High torque modus the FFB is working in center position bud when i turn more the like 10-15 degrees i don’t get any force feed back i9n to my Wheel . Is that like that ?

In high Torque modus is all fine bud here i still struggling to find right settings for comfortable drive in my GT3 and Radical cars . Dose any table exist were approx Nm suggestion are mention to his car classes ?

So any advice are welcome and what are the best way to handel strenght or FFB into Iracing



Yes, the “safe mode” has forced-on static damping and friction effects applied, and the force will be clipping at 4.4 Nm level.

There is a lengthy thread here about settings for iRacing.