Firmware version 0.50.4c Steering centering issue

I am using small Mige 10000 encoder. Recently updated to the latest Firmware version 0.50.4c. It seems to work fine except that steering wheel goes off center when hitting the wall or going over some large curbs in Raceroom. Not sure whether this issue occurs in other sims too? Funny thing is, hitting the wall twice can re center the steering wheel. Strange?

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Most it is a slipping shaft coupler. Can you mark it with a pen to check that it is not slipping?

If you are talking about the physical shaft coupler, its not the case.

In addition, it is also noticeable that the wheel is pulling to the left when shifting gears. As I mentioned before, i am getting this in Raceroom and not sure about other sims?

Jolt magnitude. Google it as I can’t remember what to do exactly.

Jolt magnitude at zéro in RCS

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Thanks guys. Having Jolt magnitude at zero it fixed issue with off-centering. Although one more issue still remains and that is when shifting gears the steering moves to the left by its self unless you have it in your hands.

EDIT: when shifting gears the steering keep on moving to the left without stopping and most noticeable when the car is stationary.


Ok I just found that shifting Jolts in Raceroom are causing the wheel to turn left. When set to 0.0 all working fine. It’s a shame because shift effects are one of the best things found in FFB.

Please take a look at this issue and fix if possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Off centering fixed as suggested by users. Jolt magnitude at zero.

The only remaining issue is a gear shifting in Raceroom. Please take a look at the video demonstration for better understanding.

I don’t have this problem on my small mige 0.50.4c

Are you on Raceroom or other sim?

on raceroom
in stand on nordschleife with porsche gt3r

small mige with biss-c

Thanks for your support.

The only thing I can compare it to is Mmos and say that this was not the case in Mmos. Not sure what encoder i have except that it is 10000. In game is automaticaly set to 40000 cpr.

Hopefully will resolve the issue soon. Cheers

forgot to ask, do you have gear shifting effect on in RR?

Do me a favor please, turn the gear shift effect on, at least 85. Then load any GTR2 car on Bathurst and before you turn the ignition and start, shift to 1st gear, 2 seconds later shift up to 2nd gear and 2 seconds later shift to 3rd gear. Let me know if you are getting the same thing as I do?

Many thanks