Firmware/software release tree

Hi all,

I am reasonably new to the world of the OSW direct drive wheel system. Long story short - is there a firmware or software release matrix or tree of MMoS or Granite software somewhere?

I have everything working as is but I am unsure if I am on the latest versions possible. I am running a small MiGE with a 5K encoder.

Thanks in advance.

For MMoS, there is no good release history that we know of. It hasn’t been updated in a long time, and from what we have managed to dig out, the guy who made it has no plans to make further changes nor patches to it.

For our firmware, see

Sorry, I have updated my OP with the fact that I am not on a SimuCube build and that I am on the IONI x1 board. My apologizes, I thought I had put this in.

Hello there!
I see a new release
May, 2023 1.0.49 / 1.0.50 10720 Public release
But I don’t see a link for download. Where can I find it?

It will be released soon.

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maybe Mika believes it is in a state that needs more testing but if you want to try it here you go

The official release will have a tiny bug fix to the configuration tool, I need to test it out next week.

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