FFB Uncontrollable

After a lot of head banging, decided I’d rewire the whole thing to check the connections. Turns out that the jumper leads get a lot of play in them if you use them repeatedly to the point where they basically fall out. Swapped the jumper over and the motor has torque! It’s always the simple things.

However now when testing the motor provides far to much torque with no inputs, Definitely got something set or wired wrong. Seems to drastic to be EMF but I’m not sure. Here’s the example i uploaded:

Any Ideas?

to me, it just looks like unstable feedback loop from game to device to game. Use lower torque from in-game, add damping and friction.

This could be true, I’ll try some other titles. I initially tried putting FFB to minimum in game and still had the same effect but with less rotation.

Make sure you haven’t enabled or disabled any of the FFB tweaks in content manager

Here are my content manager settings and a profile you can try. Per car FFB 20-30%