Ffb loss when I hit a wall or hard curb

Just started getting this problem where if I hit a wall or fly over a curb hard in pc2 then I lose ffb and the connection to simucube and the motor reinitialises. Looked at the faults tab in granite and all clear apart from simple motion has the black dot next to it? All other settings look ok. My osw is the simplicity 20nm V2 with ascher racing c26l button box.

Thanks in advance

Interesting, this is the second report I have seen on such an issue in the last week (unless you are the same person).

@Mika what could be the reason for this as this is the 2nd confirmed report with Granity not reporting faults?

Hi, no not the same person. I assume there is no error log because it resets itself?
It may be just a coincidence but my oculus rift did a firmware upgrade today and now suddenly Iam having ffb loss? Iam using a usb 3.0 powered hub plugged into a inatek PCI 3.0 card.

Sounds like a usb bandwidth issue maybe.

I will swap usb ports see if that sorts the problem.

How have other devices are in the inateck card?
It unfortunately suffers the same issue that it’s supposed to ‘fix’ and I’m not sure why Oculus still recommend it?
It has one controller for all ports, which is the reason why nearly all motherboards have issues with room scale setups with 3 sensors. The sensors require very high bandwidth.
I bought the Startech 4 port card that has 4 separate USB controllers for each port.
Yes it’s more expensive than the $27 inateck card but completely resolved my issues.
If you have a newer motherboard that has the yellow powered DAC (USB 2.0) ports, I would highly recommend you use them for Simucube.
If that doesn’t resolve your issues my next suggestion would be unplug things you don’t need for racing, especially the additional Oculus sensors.
Good luck

Update. Swapped usb ports to a 2.0 on the mother board but still getting ffb loss disconnects and motor reinitialise.
I lowered my MMC value from 12.89 to 10.89 and so far after 2 hrs of testing all is ok! So maybe power supply settings causing a problem?

Yes, most Definitively a PSU issue.

Any tools within Granity to log whats going on with the PSU to test for weaknesses?

Of course, one can generate torque responses and log the HV bus voltage via Granity’s Testing -tab.

thank you Mika. Good to know