FFB fails for about 5 seconds, then reboot of the SC2

Hi Guys,

I got some problems with my SC 2 Pro R1 since about 4-6 weeks.
When I am driving iRacing almost every time the FFB is gone for about 5 seconds and you hear the beep sound like when its starting. Then everything is working like it should.

Its not really reproducible. Sometimes its right after starting to drive, sometimes after 60-90mins of driving. I already changed the USB cable (and connected it straight to the PC without an USB hub, even when he has a separate power supply) and I plugged the two power supplies in another power socket. I also changed the swappable power cords of the power supplies. But the failure still exists.

I got this problem since 2021.1 and also with 2021.4_4. Maybe you got any idea what to do.
Thanks in advance!


Can you comment on what type of FFB levels you are using, and if lowering FFB has an effect on the issue?

Settings are attached. Have to try the lower FFB today.

The error happened again a few mins ago. Will change the FFB later and try again…

Changed the value in iRacing from 59 to 72 Nm but still the issue.
Yesterday in the evening and this morning, too.

Update: I think I will revert to 2020.10. Have no idea what the issue could be… :frowning:

Please let us know if downgrading to 2020.10 resolves the issue for you. Some part of the servo drive firmware was rewritten for 2021.1, some parts were reverted in 2021.4 again, but we are investigating on whether or not there is a difference between these versions. The difference would be in the digitally controlled power draw from the PSUs.

Hello I Have exactly the same problem
I have 2020.10 version
I’m not install the last version
The problem seems to happen only on iracing.
as soon as I have a peak in torque, the base "switches off "automatically
all it takes is one runway excursion or one contact

Do you also have the Simucube 2 Pro with two power supplies? Check that both of the PSUs are connected to AC (mains) and that the LED is illuminated on both of them.

indeed one of my two power supplies was no longer on
thank you so much

2020.10 seems to help… No issues until now.
Both PSUs are connected, so that wont be the issue in my case.

Thanks for the report.

Would you mind doing a short firmware test if I compile another version of 2021.4 for you? I would estimate that I will be able to do this on Friday.

Yes sure, no problem.

Do you got the new version ready?

I did not get it done. Will PM when it is.

Okay, thanks! :slight_smile: