FFB changes mid-iRacing session

I have been experiencing problems with the FFB in iRacing where the wheel setting seem to change mid-session without any input or adjustment.

I have the wheel settings in SimuCube established and dialed in within the iRacing program and (happy with the FFB/Wheel feel etc.) but after an incident (spin or off-track - without car damage) the wheel suddenly changes where all FFB is lost and the wheel is super light/whippy with almost no feel (basically uncontrollable).

Anyone else out there experience this?

Is there any fault visible in Simucube Configuration Tool, or if you are usign MMOS, in Granity? Or is there a blink code on the IONI drive?


Thanks for the quick response.

I have not looked at the config tool (where should I look for that?) and I am afraid (as a tech-averse individual) I am not familiar with the MMOS or blink code.

Please explain at your convenience.


I would need to know what is visible in your USB Game Controllers - is it MMOS ForceFeedback 2014 or Simucube? Then I would be able to guide on what to do next…

It is the SimuCUBE device

ok, do you have the Simucube Configuration Tool somewhere on your computer?

I can look; will it be called by that name?

yes, it is the user interface for the device settings. Are you sure you haven’t used it?

Oh, ok (wasn’t sure what that meant); yes the SimuCUBE icon that I open up and (center the wheel) and make sure I am in the iRacing profile…is that the tool?

yes. There should be a reason visible for your torque loss if you have a fault happen, it will be where the e-stop status is stated, near the top of the window.

Ok; I will look for that (at home gaming PC…at work now).

If I find a fault what should I look for (what would the code or word be?)

It would be stated in red in the section that I highlighted with Yellow in this picture:

There will also be a Fault Location ID code.

Ok: I will let you know what I find.

Thanks for your help,