FFB Changes in iRacing

@Mika I and a few others have noticed that the FFB of the new iRacing build is much lower than before. For example pre patch I used to run the Audi GT3 at Spa at 71nm. Now I have to run it at 31nm and even then the wheel feels moderately light. I shouldn’t be able to run competitive times let alone a whole stint running close to full power in game like that. For reference I use 100% strength in Simucube. Others I’ve talked to have said the same thing including some sc2 users. So something has definitely changed aside from us getting the new v7 tires.

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It is probably just the new tire model and its interaction with the rest of the iRacing physics model.

@falcon: New tyre-model.

Imagine the disappointment of those with much lower-torque wheels. At least you can jack yours up :wink:

I tried some of the other gt3 cars and they were ok so looks like its the Audi and some of the GTE cars as well doing it.