FFB causing braking issues

Hi all, I’m faced with a braking issue resulting from my Simucube 2 Sport. While driving in a straight line and applying my brakes, everything is fine. As soon as I turn the wheel off centre and brake, my braking issue arises, which causes shudder. I have all my cables separated, tried multiple USB ports, two different sets of pedals (Ricmotech and VRS) FFB settings etc… And nothing has worked. I really don’t know what else to do or what the problem may be. I have added a snip from VRS (blue line) to give you a visual of the brake spikes I get as soon at the wheel is turned off centre.![20230711_212534|375x500] (upload://ctngP52u0nBSCip1ikmkaM3jKnz.jpeg)

Could it be the Self Aligning Torque or the ABS?
Does it apears on other cars either?
Which game and car does this happens?
Which telemetry channels are these on the Picture?
This isn’t Motec i2 or is it?

But it seems like this is calculated on the Game-side. Because the telemetry which is recorded is usually direct output of the game. Try to disable ABS and set Caster to 0°.

That’s a great point, I’ll try another car and see what happens. I’m only driving the Mustang V8 Supercar in iRacing. These cars don’t have TC or ABS. The picture is from the VRS data logger systems.

Hey mate, I think I’ve narrowed down even more on my brake issue from your feeback. I tried a different car, nil issues… I jumped back into the Mustang and turned off the brake assistance in iRacing driving aids and problems solved. Now in V8 Vets, they are fixed set-ups and they have all aids turned on… Any ideas how to work around this?

I am sorry, I do not even got iRacing. These were just my usual thoughts what could lead to this problem.

I do not want to chase you away. But I think it is pretty clear that this is an iRacing-issue, maybe it is good idea to ask for help also in a iRacing-Forum. I bet you are not the onlyone with this problem. Wait for some iRacing-Aces here in this Forum who can surely help you. Sorry for not solving your problem. :-/

Definitely an iRacing issue. Problem solved. If anyone faces this problem, turn off your brake assistance. I’ve spoken to the fast guys in V8 Supercars and said it will slow you down anyway and to turn off the throttle assistance as well.

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