Favourite Track for creating/testing True Drive Settings?

As per the title does anyone have a favourite track with the right amount & types of corners, or do you just use any that you are familiar with?

For me, I prefer a track that has different elevations and different types of corners such as Laguna Seca, Spa, and Mount Panorama. This is the way I do it, Mostly with Spa.

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On iRacing I like to test at Road Atlanta.
Lots of turns and elevation changes on a fairly short track.
And several different type of corners with different optimum speeds.

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Suzuka is my testground

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Thanks for the suggestions, Mount Panorama is one of my favourite tracks.

Thanks, it is on IRacing and. I’ve not really driven Road Atlanta but will have look.

Thanks, again another one I haven’t tried on iRacing. But I have seen this regarding a track for car setup base line on RF2.

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Tarmac too smooth maybe, but you can work the weight balance of the wheel in the S curves and Casio triangle.
You can work on wheel weight too in the hairpin, first corner and the spoon.
130R exit is another point of interest.
If im not wrong, Degner curves are the clipping point in my case

Thanks again. I have a sport but have never really got too grips with the TD settings, so having another attempt at understanding the what/feel to change. Its ok to use other peoples, but sometimes you need to understand what changes for your own style of driving and getting the right feel.

SC2 Sport user too.
First find your TD Overall force, in other words: Max Force you are Happy with in 100% signal scenarios.
True Drive Clipping beeps or iRacing red bar comes in handy to find your iRacing ffb Strength per car.

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Agreed on Suzuka.

I normally get the car dialed in at Road Atlanta then go to Montreal then go to Suzuka. :slight_smile:

If you can get it to handle well at those tracks most other tracks will be easy to dial in.

But I guess the key thing is you need to know the track very well that you want to test at. :slight_smile:

I would add Sebring as the bumps are very pronounced and Long Beach is very rough too. If you nail your setting here it will seem easy on the smooth F1 tracks.

Bumpy and twisty Zandvoort is my favorite by far.
Suzuka would be nice too if it wasn’t smooth as a glass.