Fault Code: 770101



Just rebuilding one of our sims, and now have this error message

I have provided screen shots of settings and current error,

Please advise what is needed to fix


Either the encoder is dead or you have wiring problem.

Or the motor does not have a BiSS-C encoder.

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I will check the wiring pins and swap with another unit to confirm,

I have x3 IONI Boards and just installed the one I assumed would respond as the other two from my memory shows up with error code: 0

I will also remove the back of the motor tonight to confirm the encoder type and see if using correct settings.

Will update later to confirm



Good news, I swapped the IONI Device and found out the settings was incorrect, so I swapped over from the other device with the main problem I believe to be

Changing from feedback device
serial data encoder

Quadrature encoder 1

I have also transfer all the values over to from the working board into this board,

Now the main problem I have is steering is extremely notchy, when turning it’s like it’s notch to notch

I reduced the FBR Value and it’s exaggerated the problem massively,

My question now is what settings do I have to play with / figure out to get the steering silky smooth without the notches in Force Feed back

Video with settings before and after attached


Update 2

One of the boards settings are working fine when swapped in,

I have looked at each value and copied onto the notchy board

Still have notch issue, when I swap with good IONI Board settings works fine, when I install the 2nd board and copy the settings, have notch.

Is there anything that can be learned from this, is there a way a can duplicate the board to get a good base line

Please share thoughts


Play with combinations of AXI and FBI settings. Save and restart after each change. Also make sure that clockwise rotation have the ffb position count up, CCW, down. There will be only one combination that will work properly, counting in the right direction, and removing the notchy feeling.

Swapping the phases on the servo power-plug around, will ~ accomplish the same thing, but easiest to play with settings.