"Fast Hands" Beep

In some corners that require a very fast left right as in Bathhurst in the cutting, the wheel is beeping at me when i do that very fast left to right rotation. I am in VR so cant see whats happening, but the wheel sort of hesitates and beeps.

In the S1 there was a degree/s or rotation/s setting that would error the system if you exceeded it, is there something like that set in S2?

S2Pro, running at 100%, iRacing at lower FFB setting in Wheel Force

Must be Hands Off Detection, turn it Off.

Thought is was off! Thanks now it is will report

@Mika, with some questions being asked over and over again would having FAQ with most common issues/solutions help?

There is a faq at the end of the User Guide. We are rewriting that as a web service very soon.

Great Mika, something more dynamic than static PDF on the wiki or even pinned on this forum would be very helpful.
Surprisingly User’s guide has this very question answered but who reads manuals these days. :slight_smile:

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Manual … dont need no stinking manual :slight_smile:


I did and still do. Is good to go over from time to time. I agree with you. And a Simucube ain’t a toy and one should be aware of it. Not reading about it can end up bad

Question to @Mika.
From user experience perspective, is it even usable in High (default) mode, this question pops up all the times and recommendation to set it to Low or turn Off altogether.
So why have such sensitive setting at all?