Fanuc alpha Servo

Hello all,
Just got Argon drive connected and setup as far as i can with my Fanuc Servo. Wondering if anyone has settings file they can share that works with an a/3000 Fanuc AC servo? Or recommendations?
Currently motor will only snap to a pole position if it is near a pole when testing with Granity Jogging in Torque Mode. If motor is already at a pole position it will not rotate, just holds at my peak current of 4.6A.

My hardware configuration:
-Fanuc a/3000)
-(UsDigital Incremental Encoder 2000ppr)


Got some success. :slight_smile: The issue was i needed to tick the Invert Feedback Direction.
Attached is my settings file so far encase someone may have some use for it.

TroyFanuc_a_3000.drc (7.5 KB)

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Hi and thank you for publishing your findings Iā€™m kind of in the same boat as I want to use a fanuc a22/3000 with a granity device. I was thinking of using the built in pulse coder a1000. Do you think simucube would power such a big motor or shall I use argon? also have you adapted an encoder if so, why?