FANATEC Rim with USB adapter on SC2 Pro?

Hey gents my friend has a new Pro base but a Fanantec Rim with an adapter …does anyone know how to get the Rim to work ?


Its a USB conversion.


He has a Fanatec wheel and new SC2 but doesn’t know how to get the Fanatec rim to work

He needs to get the USB conversion.

The guy I’m talking about is Amir Houseni from Iran …apparently he has the conversion…he got the it working but now pedals are not right thx

Simucube does not control standalone USB devices such as pedals and USB wheels, only BT enabled SC wheels and SC base connected pedals (I believe only Racewerk making those).

I know but was just saying …he reported that his pedals are not working properly now so seems we getting there slowly…prolly just tuning

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