Fanatec question here? :O (Trying to get out of the ecosystem)

First of i would like to apologize if this isent the forum for questions abut fanatec. But i am looking for answers regarding my last part of Fanatec product.

I just bought a adapter for the CSL pedals Non LC. And its sett to auto-calibration. But there is no way to turn of auto unless you have a Loadcell connected it seems. I been searching high and low how to calibrate with adapter only, not trough any base.

Anyone know location for ini file that saves calibration?

And maby you know where driver software will install? Its not like other software with obvious location.
When i uninstall and try to reinstall an older driver it says i have newer one

And is there other third program software that i can use as calibration tool? Alternativ to fantec software that will somehow work with the Clubsport adapter?

I would be so great-full for help regarding this. Up til now i been using 2.5 CS as a adapter only. But i sold it today. And i would love to find a solution to my problem. Cuse last and first 10% of my pedals dont work atm.