False Button Triggers - SimWorx shifter - SimCube

Just curious if anyone else has experienced something similar to this?
My SimWorx sequential shifter is displaying false button presses (gear up, down) while my OSW drive is switched on. If i switch my OSW DD off then it no longer shows any false triggers.
I checked in Control Panel, Devices and Printers against my SimWorx shifter and can see multiply buttons being randomly pressed on and off while my DD wheel is on. As soon as i turn it off the shifter resumes to normal and only shows a button being pressed when I shift up or down.

This was working fine when i used it last but have not used it for over a month as i had to shut down my rig for a while. When i first went to use it again i updated to the latest firmware so unsure if this has caused it or something else? i might try reverting back to a previous simcube version/firmware and see if the problem is still there to rule it out.

any advice much appreciated.

Sounds like EMI (Electro Magnetical Interference) to me, do you use grounded socket for your computer and simucube?

Good question as i just set it up again and might have used a non-grounded cable for the SimCube device. (just grabbed a cable from a box of cables)
could make sense why it only happens when i turn the DD wheel on.
ill check that tonight and switch power cables to test it. thanks

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Surely it is an EMI, it happened to me a few days ago and I had to connect a ground cable well. The marches went up and down on their own.

Must be what is happening to me as it didnt happen before i packed some of my Sim gear up and only started after unpacking and connecting again.
Will be happy if it is only a cable or power board i connected it to.

going to test tonight :slight_smile:
many thanks

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Switched cables, power points but still getting the same error :frowning:
unsure what has changed?


(Ctrl+F “Grounding your system”)

This helped me a lot.

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Thanks buddy will give it a go :slight_smile: