F12021 and SC2 and button assignments for ending game

Have looked in codemasters and have asked there but not much help so will ask here as I assume with Simucube products most are using PCs. I can’t find a manual for F1 2021 and want to know how in hell do you exit whatever session you are in. At the moment I have changed to windowed mode so I can end the game . The main reason is I want to run at 120fps but in Windowed mode it runs at 60fps ( yes…I can change that but in iRacing is slowed everything badly ) .

So what button will bring you back to a menu at least? Must be something simple I have missed

Cant you assign a button of your wheel to F6, F8, escape (or whatever F1 2021 uses)?

I tried it all and ended up removing every setting and going back to scratch and now the escape key works…

So you found a solution, good to hear🍀

yes, a hard road with no manual and having to set the wheel at 360 so it would register left/right

with a few switch boxes it assigned the same number to some functions …ended up disconnecting them and just going with wheel,keyboard and apex box. Deleted all the settings and started from scratch and now the functions appear on the screen … iRacing was so much easier

AT least is running🍀

Hey @Will a quick related tip:
In Task Manager, there’s a menu item: Options: Always Show on Top
Make sure that’s checked - this way if ANY full screen game ever locks up on you, you can control-alt-delete, bring up task manager, and it will show in front of your full screen app so you can kill the app.


Man, didn’t know that, I usually have to create extra virtual desktop that I can switch to and have Task Manager to show up.

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thats a great tip…thanks mate

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and to get task manager directly you can use ctrl-shift-esc

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That’s how I assigned some game functions like F6,8 Aso

I finally got it working to my satisfaction and assed a tartarus chroma and that basically screwed everything …honestly, F1 is like a cave of rattlers…beware or something will bite you