F1 driving simulator

Good morning everyone,

we are an Italian company that produces driving simulators for GT and F1.

Here our website: https://www.racing-unleashed.com/

We are designing a new simulator and would be interested in installing one Simucube base on it. Ideally Simucube 2 PRO or Ultimate.

We would need some technical and commercial information.

  • Technical specifications of the base especially as regards the possibility of connecting one of our steering wheels. Availability of connection pins, Usb ports, can bus ports etc …

  • Is the product certified according to IEC 60335 - 2 - 82? If not, would the producers be willing to certify it?

  • We are also available for a Microsoft Teams call in order to show you our request and for you to show us your products.

Best Regards

Hi, thanks for contacting us on this forum. Our official contact to these kind of questions is the contact form on the simucube.com website.

Simucube 2 supports connections to Simucube Wireless Wheels. Other types of wheels must be connected directly to PC. There are no extra USB ports nor canbus ports in the Simucube wheelbases.

I’m not sure about this. It would be interesting to know how this standard differs from IEC 62368-1 to which the electronics is designed for.

Hello Mika,
thanks for the quick reply.
Nice that the electronics is already IEC 62368-1 certified.
Can you please confirm me that both the power supply and the motor are IEC 62368-1 certified?
As for the differences between IEC 62368-1 and IEC 60335 - 2 - 82 i check with my consultant and let you know.