F1 23 Settings - Simucube

Hey all, have a new Simucube 2 Pro on the way to replace my CSL DD. Wondering if anyone has good recommendations for F1 23 settings I can use when it arrives.

I haven’t yet been able to dial anything decent in as off yet. There is no tyre scrub, the road feel at best feels like tiny stones and dissapears when cornering, and when cornering it loads up but it feels like it clips. In game I have the gain on around 33% or it’s way too much. True Drive set to 20nm.

F1 titles haven’t been made with the focus on DD. The targeted customers group are those using a controller and driving with TV camera. Unfortunately it was getting worse from title to title, 18 to 20 are imo a bit better than 21. 22 and 23…
With in-game 33 and TD at 20Nm it’s much too strong. Turn down TD, but before find in-game settings somewhat acceptable

I’ve seen recommendations of in game 50-70%, which is nuts. I’ve also read that the game api has been developed for Fanatec wheels, if true really sucks hard. It’s a console port so makes sense they would only develope for console wheels.

It’s on Steam sale right now.
How junky are FFB and physics, honest opinion?

I haven’t found settings I’m really enjoying so far, but the best way to find out if it’s for you is probably testing it yourself. If you don’t have more than 2 hours play time, Steam offers refunds within the first 14 days of purchase. 2 hours isn’t that much, but if you use some of the uploaded user profiles in TD you can get a decent impression quickly.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had it via my EA Play Pro subscription since launch and barely touched it. F1 22 was more fun to me personally, and I don’t think I’ll end up purchasing F1 23 - unless I find TD settings that make it really fun maybe.

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Unfortunately TD can’t make up for what Codemasters didn’t deliver.
I have gone through the same experience, F1 titles became worse and worse. And reviews are pretty straightforward, 22 and 23 are bad. 18 to 21 are a bit better, but the decline started right there

It’s an F1 game, but IMO it works well with my SC2 Pro and Rexing Mayaris. The FFB works well but can be a little bland depending on track. The cars handle predicitbly enough even if they’re not the last word in simulation

It’s quite fun, and honestly I’d consider it more sim than simcade, although dont expect rFactor2 levels of realism.

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