F1 23 game crashing

Hi Mika, I’m not very technical, f1 2023 once after two races I hear a usb plugin connection sound and then the game closes to the desktop… Can it be that it has something to do with the Truedrive?

I can’t understand everything here, but afaik nvlddmkm is the nvidia display driver.
Seems like they need a patch on the driver side to support the new F1 title.

For me, at the time, some games always crashed the DWM in Windows. Here the fault was that the RAM had a problem with XMP or the motherboard was not 100% compatible with it.

I also find only graphic related posts, aswell on Nvidia, corrupted drivers and similar stuff. And nothing USB related, nor TD nor Simucube 2

As already mentioned by the others … its an issue with the graphics driver. For some screens you meanwhile get the same sound message when they are (un)plugged (e.g. my LGs support screen control via Display Port and every time they are turned on/off or plugged in I get the ‚usb chime‘).

Yeah, something funny was also going on with F1 2022 in our office - game worked fine but on exit, there was only a black screen with nothing happening (not even alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del, display reboot … etc) and a full power off was required. Likely an nVidia thing.