F1 202x - pedals are not visible

Hi guys,

I‘m driving mainly ACC and AC without problems but F1 2021 and 2022 doesn’t work with my equipment:

  • SC2 Pro
  • Heusinkveld Sprint
  • Ascher Racing F64 V3

There are more USB devices attached (Flightsim stuff) but everything works in games like ACC and X-Plane. The problem with F1 202x seems clear, but I have no practical solution. F1 202x doesn’t show the Heusinkveld Sprints pedals. I believe there are to many devices for F1 202x so the pedals are not visible in the game. Sounds strange but it‘s really F1 202x specific, ACC works perfectly.

A friend has a similar list of USB devices with one exception: Fanatec DD1 and Fanatec pedals instead of SC2 Pro and Heusinkveld Sprints. He has no problems with F1 202x. Very strange for my understanding. Of course he has the wrong DD but it works :slight_smile:

If my assumption is correct: Is there a solution to disable specific USB devices for a specific game (F1 202x)?

May be I‘m on the wrong path. Does a solution for this problem exist?

Maybe your friend has his pedals attached on his wheel base. Anyway you could maybe try hidhide but wait for better answers.

Hi Loukas, thank you for the information. I‘ve tried vJoy and HidHide both at the same time. Didn’t work but maybe HidHide alone is a possible solution. I‘ll try this and report the outcome here.

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Or you could just disable from the device manager if you don’t want to unplug the extra devices tha you have for your flightsim to check if this is the problem.

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Can’t you turn off usb ports in BIOS, so that some don’t get power?

Or using a powered USB hub could also help

with X360ce Im sure you can have your pedals in F1 2022 or in any game without any issue

As Loukas suggested, the solution was to hide USB devices which are not needed for F1 with HidHide. Now F1 finds my pedals. May be X360ce would be also a solution, I‘ve not tested this.

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Out of curiosity: why not just unplugging those devices which are not necessary?
Seems F1 22 can’t handle more than a certain number of USB devices (correct when I’m wrong, I don’t own the title). So you hide some with a software. Again, correct?