F1 2020 Simucube 2 Problem

Hey all!

I am trying for about 2 days to get the Simucube 2 working on F12020…
I cant find a control scheme presett ingame… its like the Simucube isnt recognised by the game… like… if i click on Turn right then i have to turn the wheel from left to right and it should find any steering axle, but it dont.
I allready plugged the Simucube directly on my Computer and tryed to restart it while im ingame
I got yesterday an Presett for my Simucube Pro… but my Pedals were not working… its crazy! :smiley:

is there anything i can do?

to map the left/right controls you need to start from the centre and then turn left/right otherwise it will recognize multiple inputs, it works that way in any sim.
there are no presets for sc2, but mine was recognized without any problem.

yea… i tryed that aswell. Didnt work

The way I managed to assign left/right in F1 2020 (and also AMS2) :
I would spin the wheel in the direction and then press the assign button while it’s still moving in one direction. Indeed the problem seems to be that while stationary, the wheel is actually constantly moving left and right by 0.01 degrees and that precision can confuse some games/sims.


I had no trouble mapping SC2 sport and heusinkveld pedals. For the steering try centering your wheel first and then when prompted turn wheel left until you hit the bump stop and return wheel to center, repeat for right. Also FYI I had problems with F1 2019 mapping the steering direction specifically but once I deleted all previously saved profiles I had no problems. Hope this works for you.

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We are working with Codemasters to solve this issue. They are limited with their current development Simucube 2 units as they are working from home, so we will ship them an additional unit.