F1 2020 compatible

Somebody knows if simucube2 works with F1 2020?

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Coronavirus has forced people to work remotely at UK, and only just recently they have been able do device testing. It will be supported.


Do not expect wonders, it appears the rather poor FFB comes from their physics model.

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F1 2010 may be the better one regarding FFB and physics. I must try it.

Lets see whats about that new F1 sim development, my hopes are that Jeoff Crammond takes the lead and Microprose will do the rest

Well, its still informative FFB, but maybe not as detailed as real simulator titles.

I was able to set up my Heusinkveld Pro pedals and Simucube 2 Pro without any issues.

However, the in-game ready-made Simucube 2 profiles haven’t been tested yet, and they produced zero FFB and no steering for me.

Wasn’t this just a rumour? Has something been confirmed that I’ve missed?

Mmm, in the F1 World when the river sounds, water flows IMO

Just a press note from F1 digital sports head:

Maybe a thing of the past, but for simmers like me wich follows F1 games before Sony`s 2001 exclusivity, its a shame that we are threated like a marginal income.

I think that the Last 3 months with people migrating from Codemasters F1 games to RFactor and PC sims, must force FIA, Liberty or whatever to do something about.

Yeah, it really does not take many seconds to notice the difference in F1 Esports (bad, game issues, not “e-sports ready”) to iRacing Indycar races and the Nascar races with real drivers they did during the extended covid off-season. If I was Liberty, I would continue the Codemasters way for consoles and PC, but there really has to be more professional eSports solution for F1 as well. And Liberty has the money to do that if they want to.

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Its not the money from Liberty precisely, Its if Liberty wants to adapt the cost of the license to developers money, adding to the equation that the market will be less in number of sales but who pays for what they wants.

Its a fact that todays F1 games are bestsellers right away, Codemasters can fullfil its licese looses and its doing well, now we need to gear up!


What about the compatibility with a Simucube 2 Pro base. A friend of my could only calibrate an half rotation (left or right) but not all the axe. Is there any solution ?

Thanks for your reply.

working for me on SC2 pro since f1 20’ was released.
What’s the stering range set in TD?


I‘m running a SC2 Pro and its working great with my primary sim ACC.
But it seems impossible to use it with F1 2020. In the past my G29 worked with F1 2020. I reinstalled F1 2020 to make a clean start. Directly after starting F1 2020 no input is possible, no keyboard, no mouse, nothing. I have to kill F1 2020 with the task manager. Any idea how to solve this?

Strange! I have 2018 to 21 and the Simucube 2 is always recognized. There shouldn’t be any problems. It’s fully plug and play, so to say.

Between 250 and 350. You have to try what is working best for you