F1 2019 triple screen force feedback issue

When I adjust the in game resolution in F1 2019 to use my triple screens, the force feedback from my simucube 2 pro changes and becomes very sensitive and makes the game undrivable. When I return the resolution to a single screen, the issue goes away. Has anyone seen this before?

Maybe because tripple screen support isn’t official , is causing a bug ?

Using triple screen in other sims has the same problem?

Yesterday, I reduced the resolution in game across the 3 screens and the issue has gone away which is great. I was running a very high resolution. I was just surprised as I wasn’t sure how the simucube would be effected by the resolution in a game.

Mmm not related to SC2, looks like FFb calcs/physics are tied to FPS, maybe a vSync problem derivated from console ports

May try soon because my test with SC2 was awnful months ago, will try with a 1024x768 res :rofl:

it happened to me too …

before I had a single monitor and I had no problems!

now i bought three monitors with nvidia sorround and F1 2019 not from forcefeedback to simucube2

so reading your post is due to the change of monitor resolution?

maybe try changing dx11 to dx12 or viceversa to see if that helps. I doubt you will find a solid answer easily, since f1 2019 doesn’t officially support 3 monitors. Also due to that i doubt either devs from f1 2019 or a dev from granite will try to figure it out but let’s hope i am wrong.

Yeah, it is likely a game engine issue in their game engine, that only they can solve themselves.

today I did the test

with 1920 x 1980 resolution
forcefeedback works
if resolution is imposed
2560 x 1440 (x three monitors) nvidia sorrund
7680 x 1440
the forcefeedback disappears …

mha …


in short , ffb, is linked/synced to FPS. try to use vsync or use a lower resolution.

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