F1 2019 FFB Preset

Hey there,

Maybe a bit of a lazy one, but does anyone have a good ffb preset I could maybe give a try? I know its not the best game to play this beast on (sc2 pro).

If so i’d like to see your comment :slight_smile:

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I’m interested too …

does anyone have a good setting for F1 2019 codemasters?:grinning::grinning:

Was trying a month ago and no good setting for me, I uninstalled it after wasting a whole weekend.

If im not wrong, and really I dont know, I suppose the game takes any SC2 like a gamepad and applies some Filters to the axis.


Anything on this? Soon I’ll have SC 2 pro and I enjoy F1 2018/2019 games.

What’s the issue in the game?

I think the big issue is that it’s an arcade game and not a so called sim

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Get that its an arcade game; but having a semi decent profile will atleast allow us to address the F1 itch once in a while. I tried it this weekend and the feedback feels disconnected.

Any inputs from someone playing this regularly would be appreciated.

do you remember which driver version you tried? 1.0.13 or higher versions?

because with 1.0.13 there was an anomalous but existing force feedback …

then I have not used it anymore, today I rekindled f1 2019 after months with the 2020.3 drivers it is also to me not from any forcefeedback … practically flying with no forces … I do not know if they are the drivers or anything else. …

however even if the title is arcade a small setting would be nice to have it …

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