F1 2018 Thoughts and settings


It seems that in the video, it shows that the game is controlling at least the Damping effect, and has created a (most likely centering) spring effect. However, as we do not have access to PS4 or Gimx here, it is impossible to say what the game outputs, or if these are just Gimx spesific things rather than PS4 game outputs.


In game i set the Damper effect to 0 but I haven’t tested other values, maybe something like 20% may work. Before when i was having the issue the Damper effect was set to 60%.

I’ve been busy these days, when i get some time i’ll test different values and I’ll post here in the forum for other user’s reference.

I don’t have a PS4 but in the PC version the effect that i set to 0 is called “Wheel Damper” as mentioned before.


Thank you Mika. Then, the black circle shows that the effects are controlled by game and white ones that Simucube is doing it?

If so, the strange to me is that sometimes Damping shows a black circle but other times a white one.

@carlos_kac, my real problem is that I really don’t understand what dumping is and where can I find this value in-game (my menus are in Spanish). What I know is that dumping (on Simucube) on high value makes my wheel vibrates like a wild horse (https://youtu.be/8KhzMDvzNnQ) and seems to be linked with road and offroad values in-game.

And the real great-great problem that I feel poor FFB effects…yet. Too much friction, strong resistance, but is difficult to lose control. Poor grip, downforce, kickbacks…


Black circle shows that game has changed this effect in the last 30 seconds, and white circle is that effect is created but the game is not actively changing it.

Damping can be shown as black when effect gets initialized, but if it turns to empty circle, then it just tells you that game is not actively changing it from driving situation to another. For damping, usually games set a constant value and do not change it while driving.


Thank you again. I compromised myself to work hard to learn all this stuff


For instance, now I understand what black and empty circles means, also what(tf) the “-” means


“-” means that that effect is not used at all - it is not created to the FFB interface at all.



Yep, I read that before, but I still had the doubt if is not used because the game or because Simucube. Now I understand that the problem is “before” Simucube (Game or Gimx)


I did some tests in the weekend and setting the “Wheel Damper” effect to 20% in game made the FFB feels much better and no issues. I could probably set it even higher.

@navarreitor : The “Wheel Damper” setting is the next to last option in the “Vibration & Force Feedback” menu tab.

The menu settings in this tab are:
“Vibration & Force Feedback”, “Vibration & Force Feedback Strength”, “On Track Effects”, “Rumblestrip Effects”, “Off Track Effects”, “Wheel Damper” and “Understeer Enhance”