F1 2012 and Simucube2 Pro

I’m coming here as a last resort as this game is not a supported title and I’m working currently through Gimx to get it running. I’m having a problem though that I was hoping someone else may have experienced and could help with. I am running my gimx adapter through the logitech profiler software and it’s being recognized in game as a logitech G27. I am having the issue though that the wheel after driving out of the pits just pulls left and after enough time of me fighting that it will jerk decently hard and start wanting to pull right.

I have tried everything I can find over the internet from dropping frames under 100, enable Vsync, I’ve even turned off FFB in the game and it still does it. I thought maybe other controllers so I used dev reorder to hide all controllers except the Logitech wheel and no good. Any suggestions from other Gimx users?

I have also turned off all direct input features in the TD profile in case they were doing it.

Can you confirm that this is indeed F1 2012 and not 2021?

Yes 2012. I’m trying to go back and play it for fun as I never did play this one. I have heard of others though having this issue on multiple F1 titles, but I’m sure it has to do with the gimx adapter I’m having to use and thus it will depend on which F1 title finally recognizes the the simucube 2 without the need for the gimx.