Ets2 configuration simucube

I`m going to return to simucube (now I have Mmos) because as Mika said he has implemented the new effects foe Ets2. Anybody has a configuration for this game???
Thank you

ETS2 uses mainly spring effect, sine wave effect and friction. The default setting, i. e. sliders at 100%, is a good starting point.

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Ok thank you Mika. Tomorrow I will make a test after I return to simecube.

As soon as I select simcube in ETS the game crashes…

I particularly, the ets2 in mmos I’m better and I like it more than in simucube, in simucube after turning it does not turn the steering wheel, and it stays as floating according to the speed

The crash does not happen on any of my systems. I wonder what causes it.

Can you show what settings you have in SimuCUBE, specifically the directinput settings?

I’ve had no crashes or issues with ETS2 or ATS using SimuCube. Using 1800’ rotation and sliders at default and the feeling adjusted in game.

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is in my config mika

Please note that ETS2 uses spring effect, so if you have set it to 0%,thats what you are getting. Please set all Directinput effects to 100% for start. Your current settings turn off a lot of the force feedback in ETS2.

ok, I’ll try what you say, thanks, By the way, what configuration must have in the hardware setup

only the bumbstops are effective there when driving. You can set them to your liking.

So I have it, they put it on me and I’ve never touched it.