Error: 140404 Overvoltage on Simucube 2 Pro

I had an error today which required turning off the motor to get back to normal. It’s working fine now and was working fine about an hour earlier. I turned it back on just to test a small change in settings and I couldn’t feel any torque from the damping and friction that I have applied. Then the error notice popped up on TD.

If there’s an actual overvoltage issue, then it must be from the power supplies that came with the unit. Since, I have them plugged into a UPS which shows no faults or power issues within the last few weeks. Is it possibly just a software glitch? Should I be worried or no?

It might be just a software glitch. We are investigating this and a rare communications fault issue.

Funny you mention the communications fault, since I just had that as well while I was trying to replicate the error from before.

Both times I’ve had these errors occur while trying to change the bumpstop strength from what I normally have (35%) to 100%. Both errors occured immediately after turning on the wheel and opening TD, going straight to the bumpstop setting and trying to increase it to the max. So, that may have some part in the issue. Hope that helps.

I had the same error today. (Overvoltage)

Had to toggle power button on simucube2 pro 3 times to get it to work again.
(After a few seconds FFB was completely gone and overvolt error)