Engine Vibrations

Hi All

So a newbie question.

Fired up my SC2 Pro for the first time last night and whilst in the LMP2 in iRacing I could feel the engine vibrations whilst sat in the pits.

I seem to have lost that feeling when tweaking profiles, any idea which setting would have caused this as I quite liked that realism feeling, rather than feeling nothing sat in the pits.


It’s normal to hear and feel the Simucube. I run a sport at 100 torque without filters but static force reduction. In CM 12% FFB boost, street 100, curbs and slipping at 2. I was not sure if the feedback comes from wheel alone or from rig and even thought the floor vibrated. Therefore putted an empty coke aluminium can on a part of the rig. Didn’t move at all. The sport is just working at its best and becomes noisy. Just means it is awake and has to use a bit of its potential. Don’t worry and pump up sound

My settings referr to AC and open wheelers, F1 cars

Sorry I think you have misunderstood me.

I meant I could feel the engine vibrations through the wheel, ie the motor was simulating them and it changed when I rev’d the car.

I no longer have this.

It was probably just random oscillation, not actually the engine revs.
Try lowering the damping.

Is it correct that you actually liked this amount of feedback? As I described it aswell?