Engine hot, envíe hot osw

Hello, I have been 2 hours in iracing and I noticed that the engine was a little hot, is it normal?

Yes, these industrial servo motors are rated for 24/7 operation in, like, 100 degrees Celcius. Usually, a small Mige will get to around 60 degrees Celcius, which will feel very hot to touch.

ok thank you so much. I don’t remember it so hot when I used mmos and that’s why I was wondering if it is normal.

I cook my toast on mine in the morning…you are fine. :wink:

a good morning toast feels good :joy::joy::joy::joy:

my small mige always stays cold, using 30-50% of its full power

Now I have been in iRacing for 1 hour and it has not warmed up, what config do you have?

Maybe in the hot days of Summer, after a couple of hours of intensive use in long endurance races It can get warm 40-50°.

In any other situation ,short sessions, 40% power, It is always cold