Encoder (SinCos) losing centre

Hi, I am running SimRacingBay SinCos + Large Mige with Simucube + SDR480 + IoniProHC.

The PSU was originally set to 48.0V, and I was regularly tripping on overvoltage @ 49.5V if strength was above 40% and correcting a drift.

I experimented today with reduced PSU output voltage, and found that with 46.2VDC, that I could catch a drift with 100% strength.
HOWEVER, since this has occurred, I have noticed that between 40 - 100% strength, when catching a drift, the encoder wheel centre “drifts”. You can feel the wheel suddenly bump stop, and now the wheel is off centre up to 90degrees.

I reset the wheel centre, play… catch a drift, and bang… its out again.
I ran the wheel initialistion and wheel re-centre… same problem.

I havent tried below 40%, but wondering if this is a known issue?
I checked the encoder plug connection and its tight, so really unsure.


it is most likely the shaft coupler that is loose. The one you install your wheel or quick release to.

I had exactly that issue recently it was the coupler

Makes total sense, especially, since I pulled it off recently to clean.

Sigh, I feel a bit dumb now.

Thanks Mika!