Encoder Fault Initialization Fault ID 770100

Good morning, I’m contacting you because I can’t get my new SC2 that I received yesterday to work, it tells me “Encoder Fault Initialization Fault 770100”, I’ve also had error 440205. I’ve changed the usb cable, I’ve changed the plug in which I have the base connected, I have tried to disconnect all the usb ports leaving only the base and the mouse and still I can’t get it to start, the pc recognizes it from devices and printers but it does not make the beeps that the base has to do. Do you have any idea what could be happening? Thank you very much.

I saw a support ticket about this same issue today, and unfortunately we haven’t yet answered that. Are you the same person?

Yes, I am the same person, I was simply looking for some idea about what might be happening and trying things to be able to answer you in case the possible solutions were not working

Its something to with the internals of the unit. Lets continue in the ticket.

I just setup my new SC2 Pro last night and I’m stuck at this exact same message. Tried everything I can think of and nothing has worked. Luckily someone on the Facebook owners group pointed me to this thread. I sent a support request to Simucube last night so hopefully I can find a solution soon.

Mika contacted me today and sent me instructions to pull off the back cover and check the wiring. Found one wire that looked like it wasn’t pushed all the way into the socket. Pushed that in and reassembled and we have a working wheelbase. Appreciate the quick response and help.

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