Encoder Cover for Biss-C

I bought a Small Mige motor used last year and it works great. The guy also threw in a Biss-C encoder that I have yet to install. Is it worth it? What’s the benefit?

Also, if I do try to install it, the part that covers the encoder is missing. It doesn’t look like I can reuse the part from the Sincos encoder as I can’t figure out how to remove the part where the pins plug in. Any idea where I can get another cover if I do replace the encoder?

Design and 3D print one :slight_smile: Some of the BiSS encoders are physically bigger than the older incremental-style encoders…

Anyway, you will need to make up a new cable and connect it to the appropriate (read different) pins on your Simucube, as it uses different inputs on the Simucube side.


Thanks, Beano. Is it worth it? And where does one find wiring instructions?

If the sincos fits, without connector part, I have a print file for the sincos cover I did about 2 years ago, PM me an email and I will forward the .stl file.