Enabling digital outputs on Argon from Granity?




I’m using a Argon with a Baldor servo. Can I toggle one of the digital outputs on J5 from Granity?

Thanks, Jonathan


Hi Jonathan

That is not possible.

The functions for the outputs are described here:

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Hi Esa

Thanks for your help. Could this be done by entering the command via the ‘Ctrl P’ dialog function perhaps? If so, what would the function be to turn GP04 on for example?

Thanks, Jonathan


… I have just seen that all the outputs seem to be allocated to tasks (GP04 - Braking status, for example).

Is there a general purpose output that I can control independently to activate an external relay for example?


Hi Jonathan

Argon features an open source firmware for the IO side, so you can customize the outputs for your specific needs.

Please read this wiki page for more information:

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