Enable VSD-E problem / Dual

I use the VSD-E with Dual -Dc Firmware. I can configure my motors with the DC Tool.
VSD-E is in run mode and motors have power.

But if I want run my VSD-e by Step/Dir Signals I cant get it in Run-Mode. Only the blue led is blinking. I cant enable it…

  • I connect the pin 14 with the pin 16 / nothing happen
  • If I measure pin 14 / there is no 5V power

What can I do ?

Hi! Have you tried before with single axis mode? Did it work?

Perhaps give it a try, as it has more detailed diagnostics tools and status info that helps you to pin point the reason why drive doesn’t activate.

I hope this helps!

Hey Tero, thanks for the response.

The VSD works fine in single Axis mode.
Also I can enable it with the DC-Tool and at that point the VSD is in Run-Mode. After that it works very well with Step/Dir signals.

It is only a Problem to enable the VSD by the input signals.

Hi Daniel

The pin 14 (+5V) powers also the VSD mcu (after a 3.3V regulator), so I would assume the 5V works since there are LEDs lit. If you get no +5V voltage from the pin 14 the copper trace to it should be broken, which shouldn’t happen in normal use.

Please check that the encoder connector pin 11 has 5V present. You can test the enable pin from that also.

Kind regards,

Hello Esa,

I have a second VSD Drive it is never used. It is so to say new.
Yesterday I test it… same Problem !!!

  • At encoder connector 11 there is 5v but I cant enable the drive with it.
  • At CMD Pin 14 there is no +5v
  • CMD Pin 16 can´t enable the drive

Pin 14 only have 5v if I unplug in the CMDCable and plug in the USB cable for firmware flashing.

I only can enable the drive by software and at this point i can use it.

What can I do ?


Hi Daniel

That sounds very strange as the ENC-11 is directly connected to CMD-14. This +5V also powers the mcu via the 3.3V regulator, so if the +5V is not present the LEDs should not be lit.

Do you get steady +5V (± 20%) from the ENC-11 and CMD-14?

Please also measure the resistance of the CMD connector pins 15 and 16 against GND at COM-13.

Kind regards,

Hello Esa,

Measure from:

  • ENC-11 to GND (power input) = 5v
  • ENC-11 to GND Com13 = 0v
  • Com 14 to Com 15 = 0v
  • Resistance from CMD 15 and 16 to pin 13 COM = no measurement

If I plug in the USB Cable:

  • ENC-11 to GND Com13 = 5V
  • Com 14 to Com 15 = 5v

Same at both VSD and LEDs are working. If you want I can give you the serial numbers. Maybe there is an internal problem ?!


Hi Daniel

Those measurement sounds that there is internal copper traces broken in the VSD.

Please measure the continuity/resistance between these:
CMD-13 to ENC-10 (GND)
CMD-14 to ENC-11 (+5V)

Those are internally connected and should give zero resistance.

Analog input pins have resistor divider circuit and they should give some resistance against GND.

I’m suspecting that the +5V internal copper trace is burned so that it’s broken to the rest of the board, but shorted to the CMD IO-VCC pin (7).

Also, since there is no resistance in the analog input pins, there is likely to be heavy damage.

Have you removed the heatsink and done any visual checking to the board?

Kind regards,

Hello Esa,
after visual checking, there is no visible damage at the board.

CMD-13 to ENC-10 (GND) = 0.43 Ohm
CMD-14 to ENC-11 (+5V) = 480 Ohm
CMD-10 to CMD 13 = 9.35 KOhm

Also we have 2 Boards and the Problem is on both boards. I think the problem is the (16) enable input because dive is in (Disabled by user) state.


Hey Granitedevices Team,
thanks for nothing !!! 7 Days no response !!! Whats wrong with you ???

There is no damage at my boards, everything is working fine in one Axis position Mode !!!

But I cant use the DualDC-Mode. I´m not happy…

Hi Daniel

I’m sorry for the late reply, I was out of office last week.

The CMD-13 to ENC-10 should be 0 Ohm, as it’s directly connected. That is also for the CMD-14 to ENC-11.

CMD-10 should give no resistance (infinite) to CMD-13 (GND), unless CMD-8 is somehow connected to GND. CMD-10 is opto-isolator input and galvanically isolated from GND.

Your measurements indicate that your VSD cards are badly damaged. You could try to solder wire from other GND pins to the CMD-connector GND pin, and also do the same for the CMD-connector +5V pin. However, the IO pins might still be unusable. For those, replacing the opto-isolators might help.

Kind regards,