Enable VSD-E problem / Dual


I use the VSD-E with Dual -Dc Firmware. I can configure my motors with the DC Tool.
VSD-E is in run mode and motors have power.

But if I want run my VSD-e by Step/Dir Signals I cant get it in Run-Mode. Only the blue led is blinking. I cant enable it…

  • I connect the pin 14 with the pin 16 / nothing happen
  • If I measure pin 14 / there is no 5V power

What can I do ?


Hi! Have you tried before with single axis mode? Did it work?

Perhaps give it a try, as it has more detailed diagnostics tools and status info that helps you to pin point the reason why drive doesn’t activate.

I hope this helps!


Hey Tero, thanks for the response.

The VSD works fine in single Axis mode.
Also I can enable it with the DC-Tool and at that point the VSD is in Run-Mode. After that it works very well with Step/Dir signals.

It is only a Problem to enable the VSD by the input signals.