EMI (weird keyboard behaviour)

My Simucube 2 Pro is causing some EMI and my keyboard usually acts as if I would constantly press “ctrl” or “alt” :crazy_face:.

I know that it is coming from the SC2 because it doesn’t happen when the SC2 is not in use.

Any idea how I could get rid of this EMI?
(I have already some ferrites on all my USB cables)

Have you checked the drivers and software for the keyboard? I had issues with mine and updating those solved it.

Had similar issues, (my Keyboard’s LED’s Start to illuminate when i move by, Monitor do funky stuff when i lean forward in my rig,for example) in my case it helps to “discharge” my PC (pull of Power cable, hold Power Button some Seconds) and get a cleaner cable Management… seems like motherboards are subsceptible for EMI thingys…i repeat it every now and then…

I had some EMI issues on my rig is well. Don’t know exactly where it came from since I got everything new together with the SC2, but after having installed a powered USB Hub to connect all my rig hardware and redid the cable management all problems are gone :slight_smile:

Yes drivers and software are all up to date.

Just did the “discharge” procedure but still EMI :sleepy:

Actually my cable management is good. I also use a powered USB hub.
My SC2 is however not in the USB powered hub but connected to a single USB port in the PC.
Same for my keyboard.